gcapc. An R/Bioconductor package for ChIP-seq peak calling with adjustment of potential GC-content bias. Also available here on GitHub.

ComplexDiff. An R-package to normalize and estimate differential DNA bindings of protein complexes with ChIP-seq data.

rnaseqcomp. An R/Bioconductor pakcage providing several quantitative and visualized benchmarks for RNA-seq quantification pipelines, accompanied with an easy-to-use web tool. Also available here on GitHub.

regSNPs. R code implementing the strategy for prioritizing regulatory single nucleotide substitutions.


WDNfinder. A method for detection of minimum driver node set.

Pre-SCNAClonal. Tumor subclonal population inferring tool.

FGB. A genome browser that provides comprehensive analysis and visualization for family genomes.

rHAT. A sequence alignment tool that provides fast alignment for noisy long reads with regional hashing.

PGB. A genome browser that provides comprehensive functional annotation and visualization for human individual genomes.

miR2Disease. A manually curated database for microRNA deregulation in human disease.